Don't you just dislike it when your favorite restaurant closes down? I loved Bob's Big Boy back in the day. There are only a few locations left in California the last time I checked.

So I asked Montrose what restaurants do you miss? I've actually been to most of the answers also.

What restaurants do you want back, Montrose?

Oakley P.- Pancheros, which is now Tacos and Beer at 3410 Willams Drive

Lauren F.- Sushitini, which was located at 228 E. Main street.

Brad C.- The Vine Bistro, now Double Barrel Taco at 347 E. Main street

Karlie S.- Golden Corral, "Montrose needs a good buffet".

Paul D.- The Red Barn on Main street, which is now Jimmers barbeque

I miss The Vine Bistro for sure, it closed down during the pandemic in 2020. I loved their food, and fun bar area, great craft cocktails. Another great place was Shanghai Palace off Townsend ave. They had upscale Chinese food, and they also had a location in Telluride, Colorado, but that closed too.

It's sad when you really like a place and it closes. Especially when you live in a small town and there are not a lot of choices. The good thing is most of these locations have a new place in them now.

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