Colorado's rich western history can be witnessed in many different places around the state. Architectural examples provide some of the best glimpses into how Coloradans used to live many years ago.

The Gibson Mansion is one of those places that instantly transports those who enter back in time.


Located at 907 Greenwood Avenue, the gorgeous stone structure has been a prominent property in Cañon City for 125 years. It was built in 1898 by successful Colorado businessman, David E. Gibson. The wealthy entrepreneur operated multiple lumberyards around Colorado and Texas and also owned Gibson Motor Company.

According to the Cañon City Daily Record, it cost Gibson approximately $12,000 to construct the massive mansion. The stone that was used to build the structure came straight from Colorado quarries.

After completion, Gibson lived inside the dwelling at Ninth and Greenwood along with his family for many years to follow. His daughter, Ethel, even got married at the mansion later on down the road.

Gibson Mansion was considered to be very luxurious for its time, and elegance oozed from every square inch of the abode. Even the plumbing was top-notch. An article from 1898 called the home, “the finest dwelling in all of Fremont County.”

The home boasts five bedrooms, a ballroom, multiple living areas, a billiards room, a library, and a fancy wine cellar. An intricately carved stairway leads to the spacious second floor. Servants' quarters were also included on the grounds.

In 1902, a stone wall surrounding the mansion was constructed, taking the place of the original barbed wire fence. This $2K project served to keep roaming livestock off the property. In 1910, the lava rock porches were added, providing an additional 500 square feet of outdoor living space.

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Hard maple, poplar, oak, and mahogany woods fill the home's inviting interior. Gibson hired specially trained complete the elaborate woodwork. A rose and white color scheme can be seen throughout the mansion.

Other beautiful features of the Gibson Mansion include mosaic-tiled fireplaces, stained glass windows, and one-of-a-kind pieces of art. Religious figurines, including large angels and a Jesus Christ statue, stand inside the home,.Large stone lions guard the front door and a fountain gives extra charm to the mansion's perfectly-manicured lawn and exterior.

Many parties were held at the Gibson Mansion over the years. During this era, hand-painted murals were added to enhance the walls and ceilings. This place could seriously be a museum!

David Gibson passed away after suffering a heart attack in 1927 at the age of 65.

In 1949, the Gibson family estate was sold to Everett and Alice Cole. The Coles lived in residence until 1973. In the '70s, the mansion was sold again - this time to the Benzmiller family, who performed several restoration projects while living there. They even put in an indoor pool.

Fortunately, much of the mansion's original character was kept intact throughout the restoration process.

In 2005, the property was sold to its current owner, Brendan Pardue.

Modern Times at the Mansion

Every once in a while, public tours are offered at this historic Colorado landmark. The proceeds from these tours typically benefit local non-profits.

Guests who had the chance to go inside Gibson Mansion were able to see the unique interior decor, such as authentic knights in armor statues and vintage appliances. Another visitor mentioned the wine cellar as being fully stocked with local wine from The Winery at the Holy Cross Abbey.

Other random receptions and events have been held at this home in recent years, but it's pretty rare for the general public to get the opportunity to step inside this iconic property.

The current owner keeps the mansion sparkling clean and in pristine condition. After more than a century, the Gibson Mansion is still as full of life as ever - and if these walls could talk, they'd definitely have a lot to say.

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