There are pros and cons to having a yard with green grass. In Colorado, it's challenging because of the winter months. It takes time to maintain it as well. I find that the Gardners I've had just don't take the time it needs.

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Is a Xeriscaped yard easier to maintain?

I say yes. I had it done to my front yard 2 summers ago. I will say it was quite an expense, and the ground needed to be treated better for weeds.

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What are the benefits of green grass?

It helps keep your house cooler, I only have a small part of my yard that way now. Plus if it's done right, a well-landscaped yard looks awesome. Some tip I've learned is it's best to stay off of your grass especially in the winter months to keep it healthier. Once summer hits keep leaves and twigs off of your grass as well.

Do you hire a gardener or do it yourself?

I have a gardener, though I do most of the dreaded weeds that pop up. he will spray them from time to time.

I have to say I love my xeriscaped yard, and it's less maintenance for sure. You also save on the water bill. And I don't miss all the sprinkler maintenance. Hope this helped if you have been thinking about changing your landscaped yard. Don't forget it's time to check those sprinklers and get ready for summer.

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