Breakfast, as they say, is the most important meal. So let's go on a journey around Western Colorado for some great food.

Wouldn't it be fun to spend a day with a local chef? I'd love to hang out with Guy Fieri one day. Just talking about food makes me smile.

What do you look for in a great breakfast?

I go straight for the cinnamon rolls, thick bacon, and of course eggs benedict.

Is awesome service important to you?

Yes, I like the whole experience. I rate a place on food and service combined.

Would you take a drive for a fabulous breakfast?

I would, and definitely have. There are several places within an hour either way of where I live in Montrose. But let's start with Montrose. The Stone House is great, as they have a breakfast buffet on Sunday mornings. We missed it during the pandemic. Eggs Benedict, banger sausages, and beyond.

Mimo's is another hot spot. Great chilaquiles and huge breakfast burritos. Love the Bloody Marys too.

I've compiled a list of other places I recommend. The weather is finally looking better, so get out there and try some of these. Let me know which places I missed.

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