Wouldn't it be so nice to wake up to a clean house and breakfast already made? Well, I guess it was just a dream. There is just not enough time most days to get everything done, and Tax season is upon us!

What chores do you just loathe?

Dishes are a big one for me. I find myself rushing thru dinner because there is a sink full of dishes waiting for me. My husband cooks but makes quite a mess.

Mopping floors are not a fun chore either. My dog Deuce sheds so much, even for being a little dog. Thankfully products like dry mops are a big help. Pulling weeds is another one, so I'm glad it's still winter.

What chores does your spouse help or not help with?

My husband is supposed to take out the trash, he does maybe 40 percent of the time. He prefers to call chores, honey-didn'ts. Most couples actually argue about taking out the trash.

Having a routine is good, and that house is not going to clean itself. Not to mention bills to pay, laundry, and getting the kids ready for school. Driving them to all their after-school activities. Then there are clothes to iron, another chore I'm not good at. If you have a house cleaning service that's great. Don't forget to reward yourself after all of those tasks. And remember you don't need to cross everything off on that to-do list.

What chores do you loathe Montrose

To many Chores

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