In the city of Montrose, Colorado the slogan is "Stay here, Play everywhere". This is easy to do with so many cool things to do around this part of western Colorado.

Montrose was incorporated in 1882 only a couple of years after the city of Grand Junction. In a community with so many fun outdoor activities, you might find yourself asking what the weather is like in Montrose, Colorado?

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What Type of Climate is Montrose, Colorado?

This part of Colorado is classified as a semi-arid or semi-desert climate. Overall, summers in Montrose are warm, dry, and often feature mostly clear skies. Winters in the Montrose area tend to be shorter but do include freezing temperatures, snowfall, and often partly cloudy skies.

How Hot is the Summer Months in Montrose, Colorado?

Montrose, Colorado sees on average 245 bright and sunny days a year. Temps in the upper 90s are not uncommon in the summer months but the average high temperature in the summertime is about 90 degrees. The city sees around 12 inches of rainfall compared to a national average of around 38 inches. Strong thunderstorms are possible in the area but are not frequent.

How Snowy is the Winter Months in Montrose, Colorado?

During the winter months, the city of Montrose sees an average of around 34 inches of snow compared to a national average of around 28 inches. Winter temps in Montrose are usually in the 40s in November. Temperatures in December, January, and February usually top out in the 30s. The worst blizzard on record in Montrose struck in the winter of 1919 when Montrose saw nearly 40 inches of snow around Thanksgiving time.

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