I've said it before and I'll say it again there are always things to love and hate about where you live. Hate is a strong word in my opinion. So let's say dislike.

What do you dislike about living in Montrose?

Living in a small town can be rather challenging, as you don't have the amenities of a bigger city. I'm not in the current dating scene but I hear that is tough. Especially for the age group of 30 through 50.

Is there traffic in Montrose?

Yes, especially on Townsend ave. Also a lot of tailgaters. When the weather is bad it's best to slow down, these last few days after the snowstorm are a prime example.

Are there enough amenities in Montrose?

For a small town, there is a fair amount. Though shopping is an issue. Montrose is in need of a big department store. Like a Kohl's, since Jc Penny left a few years back. There are great restaurants and grocery stores. A few friends have told me they would love more home-cooking type eating out places.

How is the community feel in Montrose?

That seems to be great. It's a close-knit community. For me only been here 5 years, and it took time to get to know my neighbors.  There are just so many moving to Montrose. Affordable housing and so much mountain beauty.

Overall there is much more positive than negative about Montrose, Colorado. And there will always be many opinions on small communities. If you are thinking about moving to Montrose come visit first.

Things You Love and Hate About Montrose Colorado

Montrose Colorado

What Montrose Colorado Wants MORE Of

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