When I was in high school I took a cooking class. Now I don't cook any better as an adult. But I do like to bake and try new things. We did cinnamon rolls in my cooking class. It took forever for the yeast to rise.

Something about all that cinnamon and icing, that's what I love. Cinnamon has been known according to research to protect against heart disease and even help control blood sugar levels. This past weekend I was in Grand Junction and went to Pufferbelly. The cinnamon roll was a 10 if I was to create it. I didn't realize they were part of Starvin Arvin's from Montrose and Delta. Those are my favorite cinnamon rolls.

So I decided to research a list of great cinnamon rolls in Colorado. I better get on the road and start sampling based on the list. As you know sweets are my downfall. Now it has to have frosting or glaze or I'm not too happy. Gooey and has a warm center.

Wouldn't it be fun to take a road trip and see the baker's preparing them? Here's a great list to try if you are on the road in Colorado. If I left any out let me know, so we can add more to the list.

Best cinnamon rolls in Colorado

Cinnamon Rolls in Colorado

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