Are you a person who likes to backpack? I can't say I've done a lot of backpacking over the years. But I know many who just love it.

What is the difference between backpacking and hiking?

Backpacking is multi-day hiking with all your gear. Hopefully, you have a sturdy back. Hiking is usually done on the same day.

How much harder is backpacking?

Since you are carrying your gear, it's more strenuous. If you camp overnight, you will be ready for the next day, and that back will be rested.

It is best to backpack in a group?

Definitely. Especially if you don't know enough about the area you are going to, and the terrain can be tough as well. Do your research, and carry plenty of water and a cell phone.

The Western Slope is full of places to backpack and hike. Have you checked out the Colorado National Monument? Most of the trails are moderate. Black Canyon of The Gunnison National Park has plenty of hiking trails too. The 1 mile Rim Rock nature trail is one of my favorites. You can also drive to the bottom in late spring thru the fall and hike and backpack too. Don't forget the gold medal fishing. Be safe and enjoy all the mountain beauty. Check out the list of things you will need for your adventure, and a few recommended spots to check out.

The Difference Between Backpacking And Hiking

Backpacking and hiking must-haves

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