When you live anywhere for long enough, you start to learn about things that are unique to that particular area. Sometimes they're stereotypes, sometimes they're legends that have been passed down from generation to generation, and sometimes they're just memories of how it used to be there.

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Of course, Grand Junction is no different. If you're from Grand Junction, have lived in the city for a considerable amount of time, or even grew up in a neighboring town in Colorado and heard rumblings between visits, you probably know a fair amount of things that make someone "SO Grand Junction."

I'm SO Grand Junction That...

Some of the things that make you SO Grand Junction are directly related to whether or not you grew up here as a kid. Reminiscing about things like Aladdin's Castle, Rainbow Roller Rink, or that laser tag place on North and 7th can certainly make you pretty certifiably "Grand Junction."

There are also plenty of stereotypes that you just have to know about to be "Grand Junction" like getting pregnant at Country Jam, knowing why they used to call it "Spun Junction," or something as simple as cruising down North Avenue on weekend nights.

Other things that make you "SO Grand Junction" include local legends like the Grand Valley Curse, the tragic story of Michael Blagg's family, and a more lighthearted one, the legendary Speedo Man.

There are plenty of things that can make you SO Grand Junction, but with a little help from our friends (and my wonderful wife,) here are 27 of them:

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