Did you know you can make Grand Junction a better place to live?

Do You See Problems Around Grand Junction?

How many times have you been driving down the street inGrand Junction and encountered a large pothole or a stoplight that isn't working properly? Maybe you've noticed a storm drain that's clogged or a tree that needs to be trimmed. Maybe you've discovered a piece of playground equipment that's broken. What can you do about it? By speaking up, you can help make Grand Junction a better place to live.

Reporting Issues To the City of Grand Junction

The City of Grand Junction actually has a place on its website where you can report problems and concerns, and maybe even get something done about it. After you submit your concern you can see the status of your submission. The website will indicate that your submission has been received, is in progress, and when it's been completed.

What Types of Concerns Should I Report?

There are several options when it comes to reporting problems to the city.

  • Pot Holes
  • Stop Lights Not Functioning Properly
  • Code Enforcement
  • Weeds
  • Sidewalk Issues
  • Sewer
  • Parks
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Why Does the City Need My Help?

Think about it. Grand Junction is a pretty big place and keeping track of all the things that need attention is a monumental task. You see something that's wrong and wonder why it hasn't been taken care of. Well, maybe the city simply wasn't aware of the problem. That's the beauty of this special feature on the city's website. More eyes watching for potential problems means more awareness - and a great chance to see improvements.

Run across a big pothole in the road? Report it. Got a neighbor whose yard is piling up with junk? Report it. Encounter a stop light that seems to be extraordinarily and unnecessarily long? Report it.

Will the City Actually Respond To My Concern?

In theory,  if the concern is legitimate the answer is "yes" the city will respond -- eventually. Taking care of all of the city's problems is an ongoing process that never ends and it's going to take time to address every concern. My best advice to you is to be patient and wait.  If a reasonable amount of time passes and you don't see a resolution to your concern, submit it again - and again - until the problem is solved. Submitting a photo of the problem might possibly expedite the process.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is this. If you see a problem, don't assume that the people in charge know about it. Do them - and your city - a favor by reporting it on the city website.

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