So you have just spring-cleaned your closet, and you are looking to donate. There are many places around Montrose to take your clothes, furniture, books, kitchen items, and more.

I've taken items to the Salvation Army, and Habitat for Humanity. But there are many other places to donate as well. I've also seen postings about where to donate.

Where is a good place to donate clothing and furniture?

For furniture items and closes The Salvation Army, and Habitat for Humanity are your best bet. The Shepard's hand takes gently used coats and clothing too.

Do local Churches take donations?

Mostly Monetary donations, but as far as clothing and beyond it's good to call first.

What about donations of books?

The salvation army has taken books, but you can donate those to your local library or even the local Senior Center, they love getting gently used books.

It's great to donate locally, and clean out your closets and beyond. Many of these places need volunteers too. Hopefully, this list will help with your donation needs and locations.

Places To Donate Around Montrose

Donations sites around Montrose Colorado

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