So you are headed to work and you know every minute counts. Maybe today you don't have time to stop at your favorite coffee shop. How about some gas station coffee?

What gas stations have the best coffee?

I recommend Stinker Sinclair, you can decide what kind you want, light, medium, or dark roast, and just push the button.

Have you tried The Hanging Tree Deli sandwiches?

They are so tasty. They are also huge. You will not be hungry in 2 hours after one of those.

Where do you get your snacks on the go?

Humdinger's off of Townsend Ave. has you covered. Too many to choose from actually. From Candy to chips, beef jerky, and beyond.

Some days I'm getting gas and coffee, and thinking I'm ready for a road trip and all the snacks that go with it. Check out my list of places to stop for your morning gas station coffee and snack.

Hey Montrose Where Do You Get Your Gas Station Coffee And Snacks?

Montrose Gas Station Coffee And Snacks

Small Locally-Owned Colorado Restaurants Worth The Drive

Do find yourself hopping in the car and driving 60 or 70 miles just to visit your favorite hole-in-the-wall restaurant or cafe. People in Western Colorado do this all the time. They gather the fam-damily and pile in the SUV to drive up to Mesa to visit the Wagon Wheel. Maybe you pile in the car and drive from Grand Junction to Meeker simply to visit Clark's Burgers.

I asked on Facebook, "Name a small, locally-owned restaurant/cafe/bakery in Western Colorado that's worth making the drive for." Here's what you had to say.

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