The temperatures have been great the past few days. We finally hit 70 degrees on the Western slope, hasn't been that nice since November 2022. If you live in Grand Junction get ready for 80 for the next couple of days.

I know it will not stay this way, as April can be up and down as far as the weather anyway. But tax season is almost wrapping up, and you may have gotten a refund, and it's time for some new running shoes.

Do you like to hike?

There are plenty of places to hike in Montrose, Ridgway, Ouray, and beyond. From beginners to advanced. So lace up those running shoes and get going. Something about the warmer weather has people in a better mood too.

Have you been on a picnic lately?

That sounds like so much fun. Just buying the food for the outing is fun. Even some fun plates and napkins to make it special.

Do you own a bike?

Investing in a bike has many benefits. You will be getting some much-needed exercise. It gets you out of the house. And it's gas free.

I enjoy the golf course with my Husband. I may only ride in the cart, but it is so relaxing. I also like looking for loose golf balls around the course.

Spring is only a few weeks in, but the weather is perfect. I can't wait to see the flowers blooming, and the grass turning greener. I just got done cleaning all the leaves up from winter. Enjoy these beautiful sun-filled days. You may want to pack some sunscreen.

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