If you live in Northern Colorado, you know about Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP). As the Centennial State's second-oldest, the area is home to majestic mountains, fantastic hiking, and abundant wildlife.

Among this wildlife is the elk. There are so many of these animals in the park, in fact, that GoGrandLake.com estimates up to 3,200 elk live there during the summer.

Dave Willhite // Unsplash
Dave Willhite // Unsplash

Despite their large numbers, it can still be surprising to run into these mighty animals — but that's exactly what happened to a group of cyclists crossing a Rocky Mountain National Park trail.

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One of the cyclists, James Mason, shared about the encounter in a June 2020 Facebook post, stating: "Riding down on our bikes today at Rocky Mountain National Park and had to stop to let this group of Bull Elk pass."

Mason included a video of the experience, which shows the elk strutting up the park's Old Fall River Road.

It is clear the cyclists are close to the elk, but the animals seem mostly unbothered by their presence. However, the National Park Service (NPS) recommends staying at least 75 feet away from elk.

If an elk comes closer to you, REI suggests slowly backing away and allowing the animal to move past you — just like the cyclists in the video did.

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