Like so many Montrose folks, you may like to get out and take a walk. You may just walk around your neighborhood, or maybe you enjoy the tons of walking trails throughout the city. Did you know how much history can be found just by taking a stroll in Montrose? There are over forty, forty-four to be exact, very historic places.

If you take a historic downtown walking tour, you can see where the first banks, stores, cafes, and bars were. In fact, you can see where every kind of business imaginable, once was. You'll be amazed at how many wonderful and luxurious hotels there once were right downtown.

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The history of downtown Montrose just steps away, with familiar locations that hold so much heritage. From the mid to late 1800s on into the early 1900s, the cornerstones of our community were laid down. From the courthouse to city hall, the first firehouse, many churches, and other community gathering places. Did you know that the Fox Theater was built in 1929 and opened just two days after the Wall Street Crash?

Many service organizations like the Elks, the Odd Fellows, and the Masons constructed their own buildings way back when. Did you know that Chief Ouray's wife, Chipeta, was brought to downtown Montrose upon her death in Utah? That's right, to a storefront that at the time was a funeral home. Of course, she was laid to rest about two miles south of town.

Take a walk around Montrose and take a walk back in time.

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