Are you starting the year by giving up alcohol for a month? It's called Dry January for many reasons. Giving up alcohol for just one month can boost your health, which includes weight loss, better sleep, and lower blood pressure. How about better skin, and lowering the risk of cancer? Well, I don't know about you but this sounds great.

If a dry January is too much for you, maybe try a "Damp January" instead. That's not cutting out alcohol entirely for a month, but rather cutting back. So, maybe limit yourself to just one or two drinks a week. You don't want to deprive yourself of that glass of wine while watching a weekend movie with a friend. It will help you limit your intake and take a look at your relationship with alcohol.

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January is close enough to Lent Season too. I give up sugar each Lent, which lasts 6 weeks. It starts on Ash Wednesday and lasts until Easter Day. The amount of sugar I've had over the Holidays makes me want to start during Dry January. A lot of alcohol has sugar in it anyways. But an early start would have great benefits as well.

Now if you have already started your Dry January, that's great! If you have kept your New Year's Resolution, that's great too. The average person breaks them by January 10th, according to a survey. The idea of a "Damp January" sounds good to me. I'm also finally learning to drink more water!

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Dry January

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