It was Christmas morning. I had waited to fly out of Montrose to avoid the heavy crowds at the airport. But thanks to bad weather across the country. I would soon find out that my upcoming flight would be canceled once I reached Portland, Oregon. I was indeed frustrated. But after hearing about some people sitting in the Portland airport for three days. I realized my situation wasn't that bad. So I didn't do too much whining.

But I do have something to say about Montrose's failure that took place before and after my vacation flights.
Christmas morning in Montrose, I found out that our "local" Cab company doesn't run on the weekends. I also found out that Lyft and Uber were also not available on Christmas morning.

So at the last minute, I had to call a coworker and interrupt her Christmas morning breakfast to take me to the airport.

My Christmas night would be affected later that night due to the last flight being canceled due to heavy fog in the Pacific Northwest, forcing me to stay in Portland for two days. I was supposed to fly out on Friday the 30th but scored an extra day, Essentially gaining back the day I missed with my daughters.

Things were FINALLY working in my favor until New Year's Night in Montrose.

As I headed back to Montrose, all my flights were on time. I was excited. I would get back to town around 8 pm on New Year's Eve.
But when I called Lyft and Uber for a ride, I found out both these companies didn't have anyone out driving around town. New Year's Eve and NO LYFT, UBER, and CABS in Montrose? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Yup, the biggest night of drunk people, and nothing were available to help take them home. It also was a night that I couldn't find a ride home from Montrose Airport.

Now before you say, "why didn't you call a friend?". I thought of many people who would have helped out. But on a New Year's Eve, the last thing I wanted to do is inconvenience someone else. So I walked 4 miles home on NYE.

All I can say Montrose is this is a complete failure on our part.

If you are in need of transportation to and from the Montrose Regional AirportMay I suggest:

#1 Drive Yourself and leave your car in Long term Parking

#2 Calling a friend to make sure you have a ride to and from the airport.

#3 Or reach out for a shuttle day in advance

#4 Fly out during the week and not on weekends.


Lyft and Uber were nonexistent and extremely unreliable.

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