Who doesn't love laughing at weird town names? It's one of the most beloved jokes on the internet, right up there with memes and jokes based on misspellings that don't make any sense unless your brain isn't fully formed, yet. Since Colorado is home to plenty of town names that are odd, hard to pronounce, or otherwise notable, we get to have lots of fun at the expense of people from long ago that thought, "Yeah, that makes sense!"

That being said, have you ever noticed that some town names in this country are just flat out creepy? We're talking the kind of town names that send a shiver up your spine when you hear them, or maybe make you throw up in your mouth a little in disgust. Towns like Intercourse, PA, and Colon, MI; basically, towns named for the lower portions of the human body.

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Colorado is not exempt from town names that will make your skin crawl. Granted, we don't have anything nearly as bad as Smut Eye, AL, but really, who does? Alabama: just when you think everything is normal over there, someone corrects you. Nevertheless, while we may not take the crown for grossest town names, Colorado can still make a strong showing in the 'ick' department.

Today, we're going to take a look at some of Colorado's creepiest town names. Of course, we may have missed some; Colorado is a big place, after all. If we didn't mention your personal favorite, you can always let us know with AppChat. I'd say to keep it safe for work, but that's kind of the opposite point here, isn't it?

Creepiest Colorado Town Names

Save yourself the chills up your spine, and maybe avoid these Colorado towns:

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