As the weather continues to warm, Coloradans are starting to get back outside more often. Not just the humans, either, as spring time also serves as the signal for our animal neighbors to head back out into the world. You may have noticed them.

Unfortunately, not all of the animals making their way back into our lives are of the friendly variety. As a matter of fact, some animals are downright scary, and Colorado is no stranger to frightening wildlife either. What follows are my picks for the three scariest animals you might get a visit from in the Centennial State.

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Grey wolf in the forest

#3: Wolf

Wolves are among the few animals that most exemplify the idea of stoic danger. Most of the times that you see a wolf, it won't look any more harmful than your average dog. It's when they bear their fangs that you realize that you're in danger, though usually without enough time to actually do anything about it. I tend to assume that the last thought a victim has before a wolf attack is something along the lines of, "You know what? I think that wolf is mad..."

Mountain Lion on moss covered rocks during spring time
moose henderson

#2: Mountain Lion

In all honesty, Mountain Lions are a beautiful species, just like most other big cats. That's why they are especially terrifying to me: the familiarity. Sure, as a grown man I can easily retain the simple instructions, "Don't hug a Mountain Lion," but to any little kid, they look exactly like their household cat Mister Floppy, just bigger and presumably cuddlier. Any animal that looks cuddly enough for you to want to pet it, yet could rip your face off at moment's notice, is automatically in my 'wide berth' category.

Black Widow

#1: Black Widow

The Black Widow gets the nod from me for the scariest animal in Colorado because they combine all of the worst qualities and capabilities of every scary thing that has ever been. Tiny and hard to spot? Check. Quick when it wants to be? Check. Carrier of a lethal poison? Triple-check. This spider was basically designed to do nothing but kill humans, and anything that dangerous that you have to remember to spray for every year is clearly one of your more immediate threats in Colorado, when it comes to animals.

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