Colorado and Utah are both beautiful states. If you are planning a vacation you can't go wrong with either. Let's talk about the benefits of both states.

How are the school systems?

The good news is they both rank in the top 10 for public education.

Are they both great for raising a family?

Of course, plenty of outdoor recreation. Though you will save on housing and rentals in Utah. Now that doesn't mean some cities in Colorado aren't priced less. Do your homework.

Do you love skiing?

You can't go wrong with Utah or Colorado in that regard. Though I have never skied in Utah at Park City,  I will one day. You will get to the ski resorts quicker in Utah only about a 30-minute commute. Living in Montrose Colorado it takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes to get to Powderhorn, and about 1 hour and 20 Minutes to get to the Telluride slopes. Both states offer world-class skiing.

If you are into the craft beer scene, Colorado is your best bet. As Utah has 9 dry cities. Colorado ranks 5th in breweries per capita. I've been thru Cedar city and St. George many times, as I drive from Montrose to California every summer. The summer is much warmer in Utah than in the western slope of Colorado. Though I love driving through Utah and all the beautiful red rock, nothing in my opinion beats the San Juans on the way to Ouray Colorado.

Colorado is also one of the most pet-friendly states. I see dogs in cars almost everywhere. So Colorado and Utah both have endless beauty, I wasn't blessed with a job yet in Utah. Both states are stunning in Picture postcard beauty.

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