Here in Colorado, we love having our pets right by our side for awesome road trips across the state and sometimes just around town.

Humans by law are required to buckle up but what about your precious pup? Can they sit in your lap or should they be restrained or caged?

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Stuck Like Glue, Dogs Want to Do As You Do

Sometimes having a dog can be like having a shadow that barks. Your pup most likely follows you everywhere you go. This is how your dog shows that they love you and want to protect you.

When your dog sees you grabbing the car keys, there's a good chance that they're begging to come along for the ride.

My Dog's Favorite Destination is the Drive-Thru

Since my dog Sonny was a pup, he has always enjoyed car rides. With the wind beneath his ears and new smells filling his nostrils, car rides are one of Sonny's favorite treats.

When Sonny was younger he begged to remain in my lap while I drove, but I quickly let him know that wasn't happening. I would repeatedly place him in the backseat while giving the command "backseat" and soon enough he understood that was his place when in the car.

Sonny and I have traveled multiple hours in the car together on various trips and he always remains in the back seat. However, if we pull up to a drive-thru all bets are off. Sonny's somehow in the lap of whoever is driving in the blink of an eye. Not surprisingly, Sonny knows just how cute he is and always manages to finesse a free treat from whoever is working the window.

Is it Legal in Colorado to Drive with a Dog on Your Lap?

There is no law in Colorado that requires dogs to wear a seatbelt or be caged while traveling in a motor vehicle. There is also no law in Colorado that explicitly states that you cannot drive with your dog in your lap.

However, a Colorado driving campaign does state that looking after a pet can lead to distracted driving. That same campaign also mentions that children can also be a driving distraction, but that doesn't make driving with kids illegal.

The most important thing is that your pet doesn't interfere with your ability to drive. It's better to be safe than sorry, so for you, your pet, and others' protection, do not allow your pet to become a hazard while driving.

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