Why is it that you always seem to find the longest red light in Grand Junction when all you want to do is get home and go to the bathroom? It never fails.

When you have nowhere to be you can make all the lights from Rim Rock Walmart all the way to I-70 at once. When you are trying to get somewhere, they all turn red on ya. We asked you which traffic lights in Grand Junction, Colorado you think are the longest. The top 20 answers are below.

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Traffic Signals in America

Some of the very first traffic signals were introduced in America in 1914. The signals eventually replaced policemen who helped control the right of way. Today, these signals provide right-of-way to more than 50,000 cars in a single day at a cost of nearly

These Things are Crazy Expensive

Did you know that the average traffic signal costs taxpayers anywhere from $50K to $500K to install? They can also cost thousands every year to maintain. Putting up a new stoplight is often the last thing a city wants to do. Most municipalities will try yield signs and stop signs before taking on the cost of a new signal out on the road.

Grand Junction's Most Popular Answers

Scroll through the photos below to see which red lights frustrate Grand Junction motorists the most. You'll see the infamous 7th Street and Orchard traffic light in the comments, 1st and Main, 32 Road and D Road, the dreaded traffic light at Central High School, and everyone's favorite showstopper - trying to turn left onto Bookcliff from 12th street.

Grand Junction, Colorado's Longest Traffic Lights According to You

We asked you which traffic lights in Grand Junction and Western Colorado have the longest wait time. Which intersection do you think has the longest red light? We've collected your answers in the photo gallery below for a closer look at which Grand Junction intersections to avoid when you are in a hurry.

KEEP GOING: Grand Junction Colorado's Least Favorite Roads to Drive Down When it Snows

It doesn't snow often in Grand Junction, but when it does traffic can be a mess. While the snow was falling on Wednesday of this week we asked you which roads you try to avoid the most when it snows. Here are the top answers:

LOOK: Steer Clear of the Worst Intersections in Grand Junction

Every community in America has its share of bad intersections and Grand Junction is no exception.

Based on our own experiences as well as input from listeners, we have compiled a list of the worst intersections in Grand Junction. Is your favorite "worst" intersection on the list?

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