In 2022, it is safe to say that video games are no longer a niche hobby. Quite the contrary: between the evergreen sales juggernaut that is the Call of Duty franchise, mobile gaming, and the overwhelming success of Fornite and the battle royale genre, just about everybody in this country has played a video game at this point.

Make no mistake about it, video games are big business. With such a boom in any kind of creative field, this type of success also leads to a relative increase in jobs available in that field. While many game studios pop up in the usual places, like California and New York, other states are seeing a rise in homes for these creative people to ply their trade. You don't have to hop a plane to San Diego if you want to get into games, anymore: you can get started right here in Colorado!

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With more and more professionals from California heading throughout the country, the time is right to see a rise in video game development in parts of the nation that haven't seen it before. Here's a look at some of the companies in Colorado currently making video games from the Centennial State. Hopefully, we can take advantage of the popularity of games to make Colorado the next hotbed of video game development!

IllFonic - Lakewood, CO

Illfonic was founded in 2007, and has grown to encompass multiple studios around the country. They specialize in online multiplayer games. Some of their more popular titles include Predator: Hunting Grounds, Arcadegeddon, and Friday the 13th: The Game.

Leviathan Games - Boulder, CO

Leviathan Games is more under the radar, as they don't usually work on their own intellectual property. Make no mistake, though, these folks are experts in their field, having been one of the original iOS game developers in 2008. Since then, they have worked with some of the top companies in gaming, from Sony to Capcom, and just about everybody in between.

FizzPow Games - Colorado Springs, CO

Creators of the mobile game Bitcoin Billionaire, FizzPow Games specializes in games that you can play on your phone. Other FizzPow games you can find on your phone include: Mummy's Treasure and Bow Quest.

Serenity Forge - Boulder, CO

Serenity Forge isn't just a video game developer. No, they have also made the transition into publishing games, as well, and have quite the catalog to hang their hat on, working on such games as surprise-hit Doki Doki Literature Club Plus!, Neversong and Arcadian Atlas.

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