I mentioned previously that we have an Elf at our house. The girls got him when they were little, and named him Max.

Our Elf doesn’t do much, except sit on the shelf and watch the family during Christmastime. He takes notes and reports back to Santa.

Other people I know have splendid elves at their houses. They get into all kinds of things and make messes. They leave treats for the kids and send them on wild goose chases, in search of those treats. Sometimes I wish our Elf would do that too.

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The other day, my daughter asked me why our Elf doesn’t leave treats or make snow angels in flour. My response: “I’m not sure. I guess everyone’s elves behave differently.” My comment didn’t go over well with my daughter.

I have several friends who also have elves at their houses, and clearly their elves behave much differently than ours.

Mary has one named Benjamin. Benjamin was constantly getting into trouble at their house. He drove Barbie through the house in the Barbie car and ended up running into their dog bowl, spilling dog food all over their laundry room.

Sandy and her family have Raymond. Last year he was found swinging from the ceiling fan.

Tonya’s kids named their elf Sparkles. Sparkles is the first girl elf I’d ever met. She makes the kids cinnamon toast at least 3 times while she’s visiting their house.

Becky’s family named their elf Chippy. He’s been found in the clothes dryer, the dishwasher, and the fridge.

Kristen’s elf is Scout. Scout evidently went skiing with some of his friends and broke his leg. He can’t move for a few weeks, as he has a cast and is under doctor’s orders to stay still.

Then there’s Marie. Their elf, aptly named Elfie, has just arrived for the first time. Marie & Kevin’s first child just turned 3. Elfie has already written on the bathroom mirror with toothpaste, drawn on a family photo with a dry-erase marker, and even drawn funny faces on eggs in their fridge.

All of this makes our Max seem rather boring, although he once hid in our refrigerator.

We recently discovered that we have an elf here at the radio station too.  His name is Kixy and he seems to have a lot of fun getting into things around here.

Mischievous Elves in Montrose Colorado

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