Winter can be a tough season. The snow is definitely needed in the mountains, lakes, and beyond. The icy roads after a snowstorm are another story.

I, unfortunately, slipped on the ice two years ago. Sometimes it doesn't seem that icy in a parking lot, but it sure is. All I know is I hit my head and tailbone, and it took some time to feel myself again. It made me fearful of ice altogether.

This past weekend I was running errands, and as I was leaving the grocery store it was like an obstacle course to get to my car. Pushing the cart thru slushy, icy snow. I wear traction-control boots as I call them. A nice gentleman helped push the back end of my cart to my car.

You may step out of the car,  lose your footing, and even slip. Please be careful in parking lots especially. Please stay safe on the roads and parking lots, sidewalks, and anywhere there is ice.

Be careful on the ice Montrose

Icy streets and beyond in Colorado

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