If you're from Montrose, and you go anywhere else on the Western Slope, the most common question you likely get asked is, "What's in Montrose?" If you're sick of racking your brain for an answer, here are 4 uniquley Montrose attractions you can share, along with one that's spreading the Montrose spirit around Colorado!

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Riverbottom Park - The Montrose Water Sports Park

If you love water sports, look no furrther than Riverbottom Park and the Montrose Water Sports Park! According to cityofmontrose.org, the park was "designed with all citizens in mind – from ankle waders to expert kayakers," and with 1,000 feet of river channel, it's one of the largest in the state of Colorado!

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Horsefly Brewing Co.

Per horseflybrewing.com: "Established on September 9th, 2009,  Horsefly Brewing Company is now Montrose's oldest brewery." As we all know, age brings wisdom, and the crew at Horsefly has that for days! "No Crap on Tap" isn't just their brewing philosphy, it's their way of life...

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Ute Indian Museum

Montrose has no shortage of historical attractions, and the Ute Indian Museum is one of the best. Learn about the Ute people's history and how it informs today...and who WOULDN'T want to learn about anything called the "Bear Dance"!?

Per historycolorado.org: "Through stunning exhibitions, visitors explore topics of Ute cultural survival, political determination, economic opportunity, and the celebration of the Bear Dance."

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Museum of the Mountain West

Another museum, and this one is all about the West! According to museumofthemountainwest.org, Rich Fike founded the museum in 1997 to preserve the history of the west. Since the Museum is now home to over half a million old-west artifacts, I think it's safe to say he was on to something.

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Honorable Mention: The Coffee Trader

The Coffee Trader gets an honorable mention because, while it is technically established in Grand Junction and Gunnison, everybody knows that the REAL Coffee Trader is in Montrose. Actually... a lot of Montrose, with locations at the Airport, on 5th St, and of course on Main.

As a matter of fact, the Coffee Trader on Main is also the exclusive partner for the Monday Morning Mugging, wherein our sister stations deliver you coffee and breakfast treats at work. You can actually get signed up for that wonderful experience here!

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