Something about going to get donuts for the office makes me happy. I like spreading that joy to others. Where you get them adds to that joy.

Have You Been to Montrose Donut and Deli?

Thyda C. makes you feel warm and welcome from the minute you enter her Donut shop. The buttermilk bars, chocolate bavarian cream to bear claws, my co-worker Dave's favorite. Her Husband is a veteran, and they will make you feel right at home.

You May Have Tried Dunkin Donuts

They have only been in Montrose for a few years now. I like plain ones with pink frosting. The drive-thru is very convenient, and I have always had a smile from the drive-thru employees.

How About Those Grocery Store donuts?

Sometimes you are in such a hurry, that's your closest stop. The grocery store bakeries have great quick on-the-go donuts, but maybe not as much selection as your local donut hot spot. Again the cashiers wear their smiles and that makes my day. You can always grab those entemann's donuts too, they are so good.

We don't have as many choices as the bigger cities for those delicious donuts, but if you stop by Montrose Donut and Deli you will be greeted with a smile, and leave with some great sweet treats. don't forget they have breakfast sandwiches too!

What Donut shop makes you happy Montrose

Donuts in Montrose

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