Casa Bonita has new owners, a new chef, a new paint job, and will have a bunch of new hires when it re-opens in May. Who wouldn't want to be a part of such a Colorado legend?

500 new employees for Casa Bonita does seem like a lot of people; that speaks to how much the new owners/management, including the South Park guys, are excited to bring new life to the Colfax classic.

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Many people are going to have something very special on their resumes, after Casa Bonita hires all these folks. It's exciting for everyone (the restaurant, the public) that we are getting closer and closer to the "big reveal" of the NEW Casa Bonita.

I see you worked the back of the house at Casa Bonita in 2023-2025... Excellent!

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Seriously, 500 is a lot of employees. What will they all be doing at that one restaurant? Sure, it's a very large, cavernous restaurant, but.. 500? Did I say "500?" I meant to say OVER 500. OVER 500? That's loco, if you don't mind me saying; but, they have the experience in this, and I do not. I just know this is going to be fun.


The new Executive Chef of Casa Bonita, Dana Rodriguez did a video with Governor Polis announcing the hiring, which was announced on January 26, 2023.

To be part of the "Cliff Divers" team, knowing that you're part of one of Denver's most well-known pieces of entertainment, I know that I would be honored and nervous. What about being a server, and seeing all the customers' eyes light up when they get a look at the new inside and taste the new menu? That's going to be a fun job, too.

Spread the word, 500+ people are going to be a part of Denver's and Colorado's history.

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Why have only 'some' fun, when you can have TWICE the fun!

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