Don't you just love biting into a crisp apple? My coworker has apples with her lunch each day at the office. Sometimes she even shares, which makes me smile.

The last time I even visited an apple orchard was I believe at 6th grade camp. I remember we took them right off the tree, and how fresh they were.

What is your favorite fruit?

Too many to list, but mostly apples and peaches. We have plenty of great ones in Colorado.

Do you have a favorite apple?

I remember years ago the pippin apple, they are a green apple, and very sweet, unlike a granny smith apple. I never see those in stores anymore. Now I get gala or red delicious.

Have you ever been to the Peach Festival in Palisade?

I highly recommend it. The peaches are so juicy. Last year there were peach margaritas too. It's in August in the beautiful town of Palisade.

There are many orchards in Colorado that are worth checking out. On my list is Ela Family Farms. They are the oldest apple Orchard in Colorado. They are located in Hotchkiss, not too far from Montrose. Since I've never been to Fort Collins, Masonville Orchard is on my list too. If you love picking your own fruit, check out these Orchards and Family Farms. They are worth the drive.

When Was The Last Time You Visited A Colorado Orchard

Orchards around Colorado

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