What's in a Thank You? The power to let someone know they are appreciated. In this hyper-focused world, we live in, it's a forgotten two words. When was the last time you sat down and wrote out a thank you note? I know it's so much easier to send a text message. Imagine how the person would feel if they received a thank you card in the mail or at work.

Dating back to 1,400 Chinese and Egyptian cultures were the first to start writing what closely resembled thank-you notes.

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One of my favorite things is buying a gift for someone, even if something small. Living away from my family for so many years makes that a way for them to know I miss them. The thank you note received means so much to me.

My Grandma O'Malley has been gone for years now but instilled in me the gift of sending thank you notes. Though I don't send them as often as I should, she left a lasting impression on me.

So when was the last time you thanked someone? Whether at work, school, with your neighbor, friend, or family. It's nice to know someone took the time to really say Thank You. So Thank You for reading this post!

What's In A Thank You Note!

Thank You Notes!

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