Remember back in the day when you could go to the grocery store at say midnight I know Montrose is a small town. But there are a few places that would be great to have open 24 hours. Denny's is the one place that is. And of course gas stations.

What about a 24-hour pharmacy?

We don't always get sick during store or business hours. But what if you need that prescription and forgot to pick it up? That late-night run would be great.

Grocery store pick up 24 hours?

We know there is curbside pick up which is so convenient, especially with our busy lives these days. Even if they don't stay open 24 hours how about at least until midnight?

How about a gym?

Not everyone sleeps from 10 p.m. to say 6 a.m. I wish. With shift workers' crazy schedules, and too many time commitments, a 24-hour gym would be great. I know those may be in bigger cities, but we have a lot of tourists, all through the year.

Now staffing those 24-hour places could be tough. But just imagine you have the opportunity to go to one of those places anytime frees up your day. Emergencies will happen, anything to make life a little easier is a plus.

What should be open 24 hours in Montrose

Open 24 hours in Montrose?


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