We are just under a month into winter, and I long for those springtime temperatures around 60 degrees. The sun is not out as much as desired.

The holidays are in the rearview mirror, and the credit card bills are in the mail. I've never been a fan of board games unless it's a family function. Meaning I like more players, than just my husband and I.

Just getting out for a short dive can help those winter blues. Those blues can be a real thing. I start the year by going through all my endless paperwork. I like to shred files twice per year.

Baking is another good wintertime fun thing to do on a weekend. I do love watching the snow fall, as long as I won't be doing a lot of shoveling. And, if only I could ski a little more each winter.

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So I started wondering if the same things that drive me crazy about winter, are some of the same things you also get annoyed by. My husband and I can never agree on the thermostat, I say 66 he wants 70. I feel dried out every morning.

I compiled a list of winter things that I'm not a big fan of. I will miss all the snow, especially on the mountains though, once it is late spring.

What Drives you crazy during the winter

Winter things that drive you crazy

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