We've aleady told you about what the people of Montrose love about Montrose, but what about the other side of the coin?

What about the things in our town that make your blood boil? The things that, when you get home, you curse about for a good five minutes before dinner? Surely there is something about our majestic town that makes you angrier than a goat on fire?

Well, as it turns out, those rage-inducing moments DO exist in our town! I mean, it's not really something to be excited about, so I don't know what that exclamation point was for. But we're here now, so that's where we are.

Come and commiserate, now, with the rest of the Montrose community. Just watch that blood pressure!

Montrose Hate

Here are the things people HATE about Montrose, CO

If this much hate was too much for ya, here's all the love that we got first!

Montrose Love

What the community loves about Montrose, CO!

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