The Denver International Airport is one of the largest airports in the country and navigating your way through it can be worrisome, thank goodness they offer free therapy.

It's true, however, that the free therapy provided may not be what you had in mind, in fact, it's provided by CATS according to the Denver International Airport's site.

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Who are the DEN CATS?

The Denver airport employs more than 80 purr-fessionals who are fantastic at taking your mind off of your travel worries and they go by the name CATS.

CATS stands for Canine Airport Therapy Squad. How stinking cute?

Peter Scott Barta
Peter Scott Barta

The DEN CATS is a volunteer team composed of 80 therapy dogs and 1 actual cat. The squad makes rounds throughout the day delighting passengers with wagging tails and wet noses.

Since the squad is so large, they don't all appear at once. CATS and their handlers usually make 3 visits per month to the airport. Typically there are, "three CATS visits per day. Each pet and owner team circulates through the airport for approximately two hours per visit."

Peter Scott Barta
Peter Scott Barta

You'll know a DEN CAT when you see them because they wear vests that say "CATS Pet Me!"

DEN CATS Love Their Job

The CATS and their handlers love working at DIA, here's a CAT Tail, err - Tale from Leni, an Entlebucher Swiss Mountain Dog:

A young woman ran toward me and told my owner that she had always wanted to visit with a CATS member at DEN. She said she was afraid of flying and could use some furry therapy, so I went right to work. My new friend sat on the floor next to me and gave me the best belly rub. We stayed together until she was ready to board her flight. Before she left, she took a selfie with me and said my friendly snuggles were exactly what she needed. Then she asked for several of my trading cards to share with her friends. I love my job!

If the trading card mentioned caught you by surprise, then let me explain. Each member of CATS has their very own trading card with their name, weight, breed, and other fun facts. The CATS handlers pass out the trading cards while they're making rounds. A CATS trading card might just be one of your best souvenirs yet!

Meet the Super Adorable and Amazing CATS of the Denver International Airport

Each member of CATS employed by the Denver International Airport is unique, take a moment to become acquainted:

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