Yesterday I got my monthly text of what my home heating/gas bill will be for the month. I was like ouch, well I said more than I can really admit. Heating costs are a lot higher than last year.

We may not have Xcel in Montrose, but Grand Junction does. According to data from the Colorado office of utility consumer advocate, energy bills are up as much as 50%. So you probably have turned down your thermostat at least a few degrees.

Gas prices at the pump are way up. I paid $2.59 a gallon in January 2023, and the other day it was $4.09. I'm a budget person, and you have to be these days. So what do you cut back on to make your budget work, and spread those dollars a little further?

I've compiled a list that I hope helps with the continued inflation. Like, credit cards will need to be more for emergencies, as the interest rates keep getting raised. If you have tips that I missed, let me know.

What are your tips for sticking to a budget on the Western Slope

Tips for saving money on the Western Slope

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