Who's ever ready to spring forward? Not me see certainly. I need my beauty sleep, and losing an hour messes my whole week up. But there is a bright side:

What would you do with the extra hour?

I would have more time for Sunday chores, but will now need a nap.

Does it change your week?

Of course, I'm off schedule with meals and appointments. It just throws you off for a week.

Should the time not change at all?

I say yes. Last March the senate passed the Sunshine Protection Act. It would make Daylight Saving Time permanent, but it has yet to be brought up by the house for a vote.

According to a  YouGov poll 63 percent of Americans want to end the changing of the clocks each year. I could not agree more.

On the bright side, it will be nice to have an extra hour of daylight, and some more warmth and sunshine in the coming weeks of the Spring season. Though I'm just getting over some horrible allergies that took my voice for 4 days.  Set those clocks back one hour Saturday night March 11th, before you go to bed.

Time to Spring Forward Colorado

How would you spend that lost hour Colorado

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