Do you love the smell of picking out that scented holiday candle? I have to smell many before I actually decide. Or even how your car smells for days after you went and brought home your Christmas tree. From fall to winter I can't get enough of all the smells and seasonal flavors.

From pumpkin spice to cinnamon, and even luscious Vanilla scented candles, I want them to last all year. I have the hardest time finding cinnamon stick candles, they are my favorite. I can remember going to the big department stores and the smell of the season was all around me. Every year I purchase cinnamon pine cones from the grocery store. They make the house smell great for a month.

The winter season always gets me excited about baking. I'm normally not a great cook. Baking is my Holiday hobby., especially on those extra cold winter days. I would love to make molasses cookies one day. For now, I'll keep it to brownies, chocolate chip cookies, and don't forget fudge. Though I haven't learned how to get mine firm enough. My Step Mom makes the best, lucky for me she sends me some every year.

Nothing says the Holidays without Hot Chocolate and specialty teas. I believe it's the only time of year I can find apple cider. Whatever you enjoy for the Holiday Season, be it candles, to great desserts, that peppermint mocha with a long-lost friend, or Family gatherings. Take a moment to take it all in and enjoy yourself.

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