Whether you love or hate the show, Comedy Central's hit South Park is, undeniably, one of the best promotional tools for the state of Colorado. As I was a youth when the show started its run all the way back in 1997, I can honestly say that I knew kids who didn't even realize Colorado was a place to go until South Park came on the air. Quick side bar: when nine-year-olds don't know the states, obviously the school system is working.

South Park is one of the most popular shows in the world, and one of the only Colorado representations on screen that makes people think positively about the Centennial State. When you think about the reasons we usually make the news, it's not hard to see why.

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This is the most likely reason that the Colorado DMV and Colorado Disability Funding Committee have teamed up to auction 17 South Park-themed license plates. The program was put together to celebrate the impending reopening of Lakewood's Casa Bonita, which you eagle-eyed South Park fans may recall was the McGuffen and title of a season 7 episode of the show. I'm fairly certain that this is not a coincidence.

Very basically, what you're bidding on is the right to use these license plate configurations for your own, personal plate. You will still need to pay all applicable fees to the DMV, though, so I wouldn't suggest using this as an opportunity for any kind of birthday shopping. Still, it wouldn't hurt my feelings to be able to have "GO COWS" on my car's license plate.

The auction kicks off May 15th, and will run through May 25th. Bidding on each configuration starts at $100, though that may be subject to change. As for the reopening of Casa Bonita, they say we can expect that in May 2023.

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