Ouray, Colorado is in the top five beautiful places I've ever seen. Living just 45 minutes away, I feel so lucky. It's called the Switzerland of America, and I agree.

If you like to hike, go to the hot springs, or grab a craft beer and some awesome food, Ouray is the place to visit. The views from hiking are breathtaking.

Have you ever been to an ice climbing event?

It's so much fun. I suggest you bundle up. Ouray has an event every year in late January.

Did you know about the Historical Beaumont Hotel?

I first saw it featured on Ghost Adventures, which intrigued me. I've only been in the lobby.

What about a Motel with a vapor cave?

The Wiesbaden has all that and private pool areas, and other pool areas for everyone.

Ouray is a great place to stay for the weekend or a fun day trip from Montrose. Did I mention all the great food, it's all there waiting for you. Check out these hot spots. Don't miss the coy pond right past the Ouray Hot Springs, I didn't discover it until about a year ago.

Fun Things To Do In Ouray Colorado

Ouray Colorado Has Stellar Beauty

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