I lived in Denver for a short time, really for a summer. My husband had a summer project there. It's a beautiful city. Full of so many things to do. I wanted to stay a lot longer than we did. So five years ago he was offered a job in Montrose, I couldn't pack fast enough. Though I knew nothing about the place.

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We have lived in many places due to the type of work we have been in. Lake Tahoe is one of my favorites. It made me fall in love with the mountains. So I've been here for a while now. I've learned some things unique to Colorado. Hops/beer is important. I first discovered craft beer in Denver over 15 years ago. There are a few great places in Montrose to have a great craft beer as well. Another thing I learned is people are quite fit in Colorado. I remember years ago hearing Denver was in the top 10 of the fittest cities. So make sure you have a hiking-type shoe if you visit, so you can explore all those hiking trails.

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I've been a skier for years. Nothing compares to the Colorado slopes. Now one day my dream is to make it to Aspen and ski since it's only three short hours away. The mountain air is another awesome thing about living in Colorado. I've mentioned the beauty many times. I see why we have so many tourists year-round. Put Montrose on your list to visit, and stop into Horsefly for that local craft beer.

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