For quite some time, the phrase, "You just can't find good help these days" has been tossed around by frustrated business owners struggling to hire and keep hardworking employees.

Now, as artificial intelligence becomes more and more prevalent, one restaurant in Colorado has solved that problem by purchasing a pair of robots that do the same work as actual, human employees, but at what cost?

Colorado Restaurant Replaces Human Employees with Robots

The restaurant is called Everest Nepal Restaurant and is located at 35 Market Street in Glenwood Springs, Colorado.

The owner, Maink Sakya, was having a hard time finding employees after the COVID-19 pandemic hit and decided to take advantage of artificial intelligence to take the positions normally filled by humans.

The robots cost about $25,000 each and can be programmed to deliver food from the kitchen to customers' tables with the press of a button or two.

The restaurant owner appears to favor the robots over human employees for numerous reasons, pointing out that unlike actual people, the artificial humans never get tired or complain, and cost less than a human employee's annual salary.

Prior to the recent developments in artificial intelligence, movies and TV shows often depicted scenarios where robots not only replaced the need for humans in a lot of ways but actually gained the ability to think independently and take control of the world away from their creators.

While it doesn't seem that the human race is quite there yet, one can't help but wonder what artificial intelligence is going to replace next.


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