It's "old school" meets current ingenuity, for about $80. Imagine the fun you and a friend, or you and the family, could have riding easy along Colorado's Rio Grande.

For a company that has only been around for about five years, you have to give them credit, because they're doing great, and it looks like blast. People are getting out, getting some exercise and seeing beautiful Colorado.

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With five locations, four of them being in New York and New Jersey, you have to wonder how they did end up picking Colorado as a location. Setting that question aside, it's great to have them here, giving Coloradans the opportunity to "ride."

I have to tell you: I want to do this. It looks like a really fun afternoon, doing something new while doing something that seems so "old." Revolution Rail has taken the old "hand car" concept and updated it. Instead of pumping up and down, like with a Sheffield Handcar, you sit back and ride- similar to recumbent bike. They call it "rail biking,"  I call it "awesome."

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With this rail biking, you're able to travel to spots in Colorado that would be much harder to get to on a mountain bike or by hiking. Their railbike route takes out and back for six miles, but you can also add in a "paddle excursion" along the Rio Grande that takes you back to the Revolution Rail base. '

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I'd love to ride one of these to check out the  scenery of southwestern Colorado. Revolution Rail's Colorado location is in South Fork, which is 3 1/2 hours (in the car) southwest of Colorado Springs.

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