Fees in Colorado are on the rise this January 2023. I talked last week about the plastic bag fees of 10 cents, and the water and sewer rates up 5 percent. But there is more to add to the list every day. Eggs are a big one. The current shortage of eggs which is affecting the supply and driving up prices is due to an outbreak of the Avian Flu.

Gas prices are on the rise, after several months of relief from the whopping near five-dollar mark this past summer 2022. The national average today is three dollars and twenty-nine cents a gallon. Here in Montrose, we are looking at the same price, 10 days ago it was two dollars and fifty-nine cents a gallon. Not to mention, our heating bills will be much higher this winter too.

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Workers who are not self-employed will see a portion of their salary go to cover the state's new family leave program. The benefits won't become available until 2024. Motor vehicle registration will go up by twenty-nine dollars to cover state park passes. Unless owners opt out.

Colorado's cost of living particularly in the Denver metro is higher than the national average. Not to mention new taxes and fees will go up this year too. Now don't get me started on groceries. I guess I better adjust my 2023 monthly budget.

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