This has been quite a year. Many changes for sure. I've worked for Cherry Creek Media for 15 years, and as you may know the company was acquired by Townsquare Media this past June 2022. One of the biggest features is digital. We all have been under a new learning curve creating website content.  So I asked a few coworkers and some folks in Montrose what is their New Year Resolution. Here are some responses:

orange sunset and asphalt road to horizon

Shayne C.- Give 110 percent to everything in the New Year!

Belinda H.- Go on a much needed Vacation

Renee V.- Save money to Travel

Steph N.- Spend more time with my Family, because life is too short

Heidi M.- Enjoy all the little moments in life with my Family because it goes by way too fast

Woman and dog summer relax

The average Resolution lasts 10 days according to published reports. No matter how you plan to spend your New Year, and keep those resolutions, I hope you have a moment to reflect on all the good in 2022 too. My resolution is to relax more, and have fun. I'm 100 miles an hour in all areas of life, and I need to learn to slow down and just take it all in. Wishing you a Happy New Year Montrose and Beyond! Be safe!

New Year's Resolutions in Colorado


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