There are quite a few people here in Colorado. One might say 'copious' amounts of human beings have made the Centennial State their home. But, how many? And, even more importantly, which city in Colorado has the MOST people?

Well, obviously, Denver has that number one position all locked up, what with a population of over 711,000 and all. There is also that little matter of Denver being the capital of the state, as well, so maybe we should exclude Denver from the running to make it a little more fair? But, if we take the Mile High City out of the running, who would take the top spot in its absence?

Short Answer: Colorado Springs

According to, Colorado Springs has a population of about 484,000, easily securing second place overall and putting them at number one sans-Denver. Aurora would take the next spot, with a population of around 389,000 people.

This is where things get a little more interesting. The next spot on the list would go to Fort Collins, with its population of about 169,000. You'll notice the significant population drop between Aurora and Fort Collins, a difference of a little over 200,000 people! I'm not sure what that really means, other than that people seem to really want to live in Colorado Springs, but I do find it fascinating.

Middle of the Pack is Where the Competition is at!

No, if you want to find a closer game, you need to head to the middle of the list, where some of these populations are a little closer to each other. Every city on the list after Longmont (which is #14 on the list) has less than 100,000 people. Specifically, once you get to Brighton at #22 on the list, you start to see more cities with close populations.

Using Brighton as an example: with its population of about 40,693, Brighton takes number 22, but number 23 on the list, Security-Widefield, comes close with a population close to 39,000 people. That is nowhere near the discrepancy that we noted between some of the more populous cities above. Probably has to do with location and city size, but again I find it intriguing.

Where does Montrose fall on the population list?

Montrose has a population of about 20,648, landing us at an overall placing of 39 out of 433. All things considered, it's not a bad spot to have! Though, the population of Brandon is listed at 3 (down from 21!), so I don't think it's fair to call most of the places on this list "cities." Still, we aren't last place, and that's something to celebrate!

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