The weather has warmed up. (Well fingers crossed it stays this way. Is your yard ready for Summer?

Will you be applying grass seed and fertilizer to your yard?

It's best to get that done now before it gets too warm. It helps your grass stay maintained for the Summer and fall months.

Have you turned on your sprinklers yet?

I'm getting that done in the next week My small area that has grass, is already overgrown.

Will you be hiring a gardener?

I have for the past several years. But get them booked now, they are filling up already.

I don't know about your yard; the weeds in mine have been overgrown since early April. We had a great winter, and everything is growing too fast for me to keep up with. I bought some weed killer that hasn't worked as well as I would have liked. It's called Hi-Yield. After two applications it's getting better.

If you are planting a garden, now is the time to get it going. You can check with your local gardening shop for some much-needed tips. Topsoil, and whatever else works best for our Mountain climate here in Colorado. There have been local gardening classes offered as well in the past few years.

Is Your Yard Ready For Summer Colorado

Getting Your Yard Ready For Summer

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