Last week I talked about roundabouts, and how to be more user-friendly once you enter one. It got me thinking about all the busy streets in Montrose. I will start with Main street. You will most likely have traffic when on that street. Hillcrest is the same, that's where a few of the roundabouts are positioned. Miami and Hillcrest, and Hillcrest and Sunnyside.

The most traffic is on Townsend ave. Morning noon and night. As that is the main thorough fair through town. Chipeta Road is another well-traveled street for those who live west of town. Now I live off south junction ave, near downtown and the local Hospital Montrose Regional Health. It's crazy. In the summer, all I see from my living room window are the bumpers from cars. Motorcycles too. Now the speed limit on that street is 30 miles per hour, but I bet some are going 50 miles per hour or more.

Things are a lot better on Woodgate road. The Woodgate realignment gives an alternate route for local residents to access the southern shopping area without having to utilize Townsend. The last one is Park ave. which is well-traveled too. Now I may have missed a few streets. Please slow down when traveling around Montrose. We are a small friendly town. There is no reason to be in such a hurry.

How Often Do You Drive These Well-Traveled Streets in Montrose

Busy streets in Montrose

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