Another drawing, another round of non winners for Colorado Lottery's Mega Millions jackpot that now is going over the $1 BILLION mark for the next drawing on Friday Night.

The jackpot, which stood at $810 million last night saw no winners matching to the winning numbers which were 7,29, 60,63,66 with the mega ball as 15.

So, no winners for those and that means we go over the $1 Billion mark on Friday so I thought it would fun to see what one could by for $1 Billion in Colorado. (I know I know less after taxes) but just for funsies, let's just focus on that $1 billion mark since I don't feel like doing math right now figuring out what the exact amount would be after taxes.

Yesterday, heavy traffic caused the Mega Millions site to crash for a while so one can only imagine how bonkers it's going to be for the next drawing on Friday. So if you're looking to play, do it early as possible and maybe during off peak times if you can swing it.

Oh and if you're going to buy thousands of tickets, good luck.

That's a lot of tickets. Ok, so back to the money, $1 billion, here's what you could get for a billion bucks in Colorado.

Let's start with thise beauty, this super yacht carries a hefty price tag of around $600 Million but when you got a BILLION, that's just a little pocket change.

 Rather stay on land? Ok, then you could just buy the most expensive car in the world for about $70 million or why not by both, with cash! 




As awesome as those two things are, here are some other things you could get if you snagged that $1 billion Mega Millions jackpot on Friday.


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