I discovered a snow mattress and gave them that name after living in Lake Tahoe California in 2010, they had an unbearable winter that year. They said it was the worst in 30 years. Until the winter of 2016-2017 came along. Over 500 inches of snow fell that winter. It was time to move on.

What is a snow mattress?

It's when the roof of your car is full of snow, anywhere from 2 to 8 inches. There are singles, and doubles and I've even seen triples.

Should you get the mattress off of your car?

Of course, as I found out if you don't get it off of your vehicle it may melt some when you are at work all day. Then it will fall forward onto your windshield. Which could cause you to have an accident?

How about when it is cold and there is ice under all of that snow?

No fun! It irritates me if I'm running late and have to get the snow off the walkway. Shovel the sidewalks, and you are supposed to in Montrose. Then get the snow off of your car, exhausting. I just did that twice last night. As over 6 inches have fallen already. Montrose is under a Winter storm warning until 6 p.m. tonight.

Don't get me wrong I love snow and I'm from southern California. I like it in the Mountains, not so much in my yard. But it makes for a great workout. Make sure to wear protective clothing when you shovel. Glad to see a good winter so far. Maybe soon I will ski at Powderhorn. And please brush off your snow mattresses.

Have you heard of a snow mattress Colorado

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